16th Day: Fromista to Calzadilla de la Cueza

As I walked out of the albegue in Fromista, I tasted the remnants of the sweet roll I had eaten 15 minutes earlier on my two week old beard. It’s not a great beard, but I am beginning to become proud of it, patches and all. I hit the streets of Fromista at 8am, about a half hour after daybreak, and started snapping photos. I’m glad I did, because after the 5 kilometer trek to the Hamlet of Poblicion de Campos, it started raining and didn’t stop.

I continued on by myself first to Villarmentero then to Villalcazar de Sigria and then to Carrion de las Condes, my last stop before a 17 kilometer flat stretch of Meseta (plateau). Up until Carrion, there were towns every 5 k, which broke up the monotony. However, during the flat 17 k strech to Calzadilla, I was left to my own devices, which was only my brain since my cell phone battery was dead. I know it sounds a little weird, but after the first 8 kilometers, I started singing. I started with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and slowly made my way to Warren G’s regulators. I don’t think I know the lyrics to one complete song, so most of the times I made up lyrics or just switched to another one after singing the chorus.

After exhausting my limited supply of song lyrics, I was left with little other recourse but to actually think. For the last two hours of the hike I let my mind drift. Normally when I’m by myself, I check Facebook, turn on the t.v. or read. It was an opportunity to think without distraction, which was nice itself. My thoughts wandered over my childhood, going to college, working five years at my old job and finally to my beard, which I thought was still very nice, even though its a bit patchy. I snapped out of my thinking daze and saw the cathedral at the top of a ridge, signaling that Calzadilla was down below. A spring found its way in to my step and I arrived at the Albegue exhausted after 36k but with a promise to myself that after I arrive home from the Camino, I would take time out occasionally, free from distraction, just to think about my beard.

Iglesia de San Martin


Pilgrim sculpture above the highway outside of Fromista


On the way out of Fromista


Light was great looking back on Fromista


Church outside of Poblacion de Campos


Poblacion de Campus


halfway through the flat 17k stretch



The last kilometer before Calzadilla de la Cueza



My beard: the good side


My beard: the patchy side


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