Sunset Rider in old town Datong (Travel Photo of the Week)

Sunset Rider in old town Datong (Travel Photo of the Week)

In the middle of old town Datong is this massive, open courtyard.

Earlier in the day I had seen a bunch of old Chinese guys rollerblading around the square. After that, I knew there was a picture there somewhere, so I returned at sunset to see what I could capture. Unfortunately, the locals had deserted the square. What was once bustling, was not now desolate.

I walked to the back of the square and found some really interesting old school style buildings. Really, they are not old at all. The entire downtown area is being restored to the tune of 50 million yuan, but the design and style of them were perfect for a well framed subject. I just had to wait for someone to come into the frame to make it interesting. After about 15 minutes, a moped rider transporting his wares came zipping through. I was trying to capture the weird feeling of isolation you can have inside a place that is normally crowded.


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December 17, 2014