World Cup Tickets Second Stage: First Come First Serve

The first come first serve round is like a game of musical chairs, with each applicant scrambling to take the next best available ticket within minutes after the start time of 12 pm CET or 9 am Brazil time, November 11th (write it down or put a note in your calendar!). So it's very important to know the rules of the game before sitting down to apply, otherwise you might be left without a metaphorical chair.

So I called up the FIFA hotline (+41 445 831000 for international customers) today to get the scoop on the second round ticket application process. This is what I learned.

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Complete your application within 10 minutes

First, be aware that you can only apply for one ticket product at a time, meaning a TST product (Team Specific Tickets), a VST product (Venue Specific Tickets) or a single match ticket. For the product you choose, you can apply for 1 to 4 (max) tickets

Once you choose the ticket product and quantities for purchase, you will be given a spot in the line for tickets and a 10 minute countdown starts. You then need to complete the application within this time frame, otherwise will you lose your spot in line. After submitting all necessary information, i.e. Credit Card, Guest Info, etc., you will find out whether your application is successful or not.

(edit: It should be possible to add multiple single match tickets to your "shopping cart". This would be beneficial as you could lock in your spot in line for each ticket product and then proceed to "check out". However, please consider the 10 minute time limit, especially if you have to enter credit card info and guest info. If you are over 10 minutes, you will be placed at the back of the line.)

TST, VST and Individual Match Tickets will all be available.

Successful TST applications can limit you

Be aware, if you are successful acquiring a TST 3 (or higher), you will not be eligible for any other tickets in this stage.

First Rounders have an advantage

If you applied in the first stage you have a slight advantage over those who didn't. You have entered in guest information, credit card data, etc already. Those who are applying for the first time will have to do this at the time of their application.

It's true that applicants are placed in line immediately after choosing the ticket product. However, those that have to enter information will take a couple minutes longer to find out if they are successful, at least on their first attempt. Thus, someone who has already entered information can have more applications in a shorter time frame.

Avoid certain tickets

FIFA says to not even apply for the opening (match 1), semi finals (match 61, 62) and finals (match 64). Additionally, match 17 in Fortaleza, match 33 in Brasília and match 49 in Belo Horizonte will also be impossible. That's because Brazil will play in match 17 and 33, and if they win their group, they will play in match 49.





Reasonable Availability

At the time of accessing the website, the respective Ticket product is still available and therefore, at that point in time, a successful application appears likely


Medium Availability

At the time of  accessing the website, a limited number of the respective Ticket product is still available and therefore, at that point in time, your application should still be successful


Low Availability

At the time of accessing the website, a small quantity of the respective Ticket product is still available and therefore, at that point in time, your application may still be successful


No Availability

At the time of accessing the website, the respective Ticket product is not available and therefore, at that point in time, your application will be unsuccessfu

Have a plan of attack

Ok, this one isn't from FIFA, but having a clear priority list can help you keep focused. If your first choice is unavailable, you can then move on to your second choice and so on. If you decide to work with others, split up the games that each person will be applying for to maximize your chances. Perhaps one goes for all Brasília games, another for all TST 3 USA games, and another for all Salvador games.


Example - Games that are X'd out will be impossible to get. Games with a check represent games that tickets are secured for. Circled games indicate targeted tickets.

Know the demand chart

In the first round I found little correlation between the displayed demand and the outcome of the respective ticket application. However, I think its still worth knowing the demand chart for the second stage, so that you don't apply for tickets that you have no chance of getting, e.g. tickets with black color demand.

Tickets for the Manaus and Natal games are in lowest demand

In general, the group stage and second round games are in lower demand than later round games (pretty easy to figure out). The quarterfinals are a gray zone, may be possible, but not necessarily your best shot. São Paulo and Rio first round games would also fall into the unlikely category, but still may be worth trying.

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