World Cup tickets: First Come First Serve March 12th

First Come First Serve March 12th

Interest during the last random draw phase was high with a total of 473 thousand tickets allocated. If you are still without a ticket, do not despair! The next sales phase starts at 12 March at 12.00 CET/08.00 BRT (Brasilia time). Write this time down, take a picture of this screen or tattoo it on your forward, because if you are only a couple of hours late, your chances to see the beautiful game will greatly diminish. In the upcoming First Come First Serve round there will be appr. 50.000 less tickets available than the previous one (160,000 vs. 210,000).

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What we learned from the last First Come First Serve Round:

  • Tickets sell out within hours not days. In the last First Come First Serve round, all available tickets were sold out within 7 hours, however all of the hotter item tickets were gone within an hour. With less tickets available, its even more important to be punctual.
  • Access to the ticket "waiting room" was available even before the official start time. I got into the waiting room 7 minutes before the official start time. It's a good idea to start checking from about 30 minutes before the tickets officially go on sale.
  • TRY THE REFRESH BUTTON! FIFA stated that there were no problems with their ticketing system during the last round, however many people found that they were placed in the "waiting room" for over an hour and a half (more than the average 45 minute waiting time FIFA has claimed). Even though the waiting room says "Please note, Tickets are allocated on a First-Come First-Served basis, so you are advised not to click away from this page if you wish to maintain your place in the queue.", refreshing the page seemed to have paid dividends for many people. My girlfriend was one of them. She decided that something was wrong during the last FCFS and decided to try the refresh button. She was able to get access to the site within 20 minutes, while I sat there like an idiot "following directions" for another hour. (Note: one never knows if FIFA has changed anything with their system, so proceed at your own risk).
  • Some games aren't worth trying for, cause there ain't no tickets. The were will be no tickets for the Opening Game, the Final in Rio de Janeiro, England vs Italy and USA vs Portugal, both in Manaus, as well as the Round of 16 matches in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo, and the semi-final in Belo Horizonte.
  • After you select which tickets to buy, you have 15 minutes to complete the transaction. This "locks" your place in line for the tickets. If you are creating a new account and its possible to enter in payment information before the start of the sales phase, do it so you don't wast time with it on March 12th. If you exceed the fifteen minutes, you lose those tickets and have to hope that there are other tickets still available.
  • Call your credit card company to alert them of the transaction. If your card is declined, you lose your place in line. I don't know how many reports I received from people that said that they had problems with payment and thus lost their ideal tickets. Don't take that chance - call your credit card company and warn them of the transaction. If you are Brazilian, use a Boleto to avoid the headache all together.


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