PMA Application Process for World Cup Tickets: 10 things to know

PMA Ticket Information:

Approximately 16% of the total value of tickets will be given to Participating Member Associations (PMA). For every match, FIFA allocates 8% of overall stadium capacity to each team playing. In FIFA's official ticketing guide, it is stated that approximately 364 thousand tickets will be available to PMA supporters.

Within the first 24 hours of opening the second sales phase (lottery), approximately 1.2 million non PMA tickets were requested (i.e. General Public Tickets).  However only 29 thousand were requested by PMA supporters. This is a positive sign for those that are PMA supporters. 

Ticket Inventory Overview

If you are a member of one of these associations, you can get access to these PMA tickets, which gives you an advantage over the normal Joe on the street. You can find a list of all PMAs here. To become a member of the USA PMA, click here.

10 things to know about the PMA Application Process:

  1. The application process for PMA tickets started on the 8th of December. You can apply for PMA tickets until the 7th of February. Note that the PMA ticket window is longer than that of the General Public lottery, which is only open until the 30th of January.
  2. It doesn't matter when you apply during this sales period, you will have the same chance of getting tickets no matter if you applied on the 8th of December or the 7th of February.
  3. Be careful if you plan to apply on the 7th of February, since FIFA closes the sales period at 12:00 CET, which is 6:00 am eastern time in the USA.
  4. For the USA PMA, you need to either be a resident or national of the country whose tickets you wish to apply for. Visit here for a full list of USA's PMA faq's.
  5. Applications to PMA tickets will be done on a different system than non PMA ticket applications (i.e. normal lottery). However, FIFA's rule on the number of tickets allowed per household, 7 games / 4 tickets to each game, applies to the total number of games across both systems. FIFA does not cross check before you apply, however has said that they will cross check afterwards
  6. Also, do not apply for a PMA game that falls on the same day as a game you have won tickets for in earlier ticket sales phases. That is also a no go from FIFA's side.
  7. Guests must also be PMA Supporters! 
  8. For the US team, you have until the 14th of January to become a member to get access to priority tickets.
  9. All tickets other than to group games are conditional. If your team does not reach the stage you have tickets for, Fifa will refund you minus a 10 USD per person per game fee. 
  10. Tickets will be sold individually for each game. Knock out stage games are not dependent on earlier round games. The likelihood of the US making the semis or finals is very low. If you want to take a chance and are willing to pay a fee, you will have very little competition for these tickets.


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  • RDC

    Hello! Helpful article. I am applying for my country’s three group-phase games (Me-Xi-Co!!). From what I understand….the way to apply with highest odds is through PMA, right? I’ll be participating in a draw with other PMA supporters from my country for tickets from a pool of 8% of each game’s tickets….vs. the general ticketing application process, where anyone in the world can apply and a good deal of tickets are assigned to media, Brazilians, etc.

    Trying to figure out if I should apply thru PMA or general ticketing….do you agree I should go for PMA?


    • Andrew Delmenhorst

      Go for the PMA ticket. Definitely. Considering Brazil is in your group, going through general ticketing would almost surely result in an unsuccessful application for that game. Good Luck!

  • http://Website Esteban

    Andrew, when you say that FIFA will cross-check afterwards, what will they check for specifically? Thanks

    • Andrew Delmenhorst

      Hey Esteban,

      They may check the following:
      That you didn’t apply for more than 4 Tickets per Match for a maximum of 7 Matches.
      That you didn’t apply for two different games on the same day.

  • http://Website Esteban

    Also, do all the guests need to be citizens or residents of the PMA country?


    • Andrew Delmenhorst

      For the USA, your guests need to be a member of the PMA and provide their member number. You should check with your PMA to determine their specific rules.

  • http://Website Le fetard

    Excellent site. Many thanks for the informative post. Do you have any idea how the USA’s PMA allotment will be distributed? Info surfacing on social media this past week suggests that a large portion would go to those traveling on the various supporter groups’ travel packages.

  • http://Website Le fetard

    Many thanks for the informative post. Any idea how the USA PMA allotment will be distributed? Info surfacing on social media this week suggest that about half of the allotment would go to people traveling on one of the package tours offered by the various supporters groups as well as players’ families and federation employees and their families.

    • Andrew Delmenhorst

      I know that US Soccer gets an allotment of 700 tickets that are outside of the normal PMA tickets that they can do with as they please (Football Community Allocation). They then split 4,000 tickets to supporters (8% of a 50,000 Capacity stadium) to PMA supporters and TAGs. Its possible that they are allocating some of the TAG tickets to other supporter groups, but officially it shouldn’t be commercial entities like package tours. Read the third paragraph below. I would be interested in a link if you had one.

      Below is the official information from FIFA:

      Football Community Allocation
      The tickets for the PMA Football Community will not be managed through the new ticket sales and distribution system, thus allowing each PMA to determine the allocation and distribution arrangements of these tickets to its officials and guests. Each PMA is entitled to receive, per match played 700 Football Community (500 tickets
      in Category 1, 100 tickets in Category 2 and 100 tickets in Category 3).

      PMA Supporters and TAGs Ticket Allocation
      The Ticket sales and distribution system to PMA Supporters will be based on the provision of a standard model Ticketing website branded according to the corporate image of each of the 32 PMAs.
      The number of tickets that will be offered to each PMA’s Supporters for its 3 Group Matches is eight per cent (8%) of the purchasable quota in the respective stadiums where their matches will be played. The PMA ticket quota will be split between Categories 1, 2, 3 and wheelchairs. (Brazilian supporters will also have access to mobility impaired and obese seats).

      Ticket Allocation Groups (TAGs)
      Tickets from within the PMA Supporters Ticket Allocation can be provided by FIFA to various groups identified by each respective PMA as priority groups. A group will qualify as a PMA Ticket Allocation Group if it satisfies ALL of the following criteria:
      • The individuals within the Group must be identifiable
      • The group must be a Football related entity • The group cannot be a commercial or
      corporate entity
      • The individuals within the group agree to be bound by the household restrictions
      • The group must be validated by FIFA
      Once the respective PMA has provided the details of each of the PMA Ticket Allocation Groups to the FTO, their acceptance as a PMA Allocation Group will then be subject to FIFA validation.

  • http://Website le fetard

    Thank you for the information. It is reassuring and surely more legit than the hearsay I’ve been reading on (I know, I should have known better). The below were the links posted by different users on one of the BigSoccer forums. Apparently there are only +/-500 people on the larger group’s package tour, nowhere near the 2000 initially stipulated.…ZWY2OTNhYzYzNjhmNzBiOGU3Njg3ZTM2NWZmZDY=.html
    +++++One last reminder that ‘tickets to the games are not included in the Packages listed’. We advise that (if you haven’t already done so), enter the lottery for Tickets through However, if you have yet to get tickets to the games, but want to go to Brazil, we advise that you still book a package… as, we will be able to provide you with Tickets to the USA games (at a later date).+++++
    How are game tickets working?
    If you have been unsuccessful in getting game tickets, as previously emailed, we have worked out a WC ticketing allotment with U.S. Soccer for travel package participants as part of our AO World Cup package. Please follow the link below and fill out the form. Around December 8th, we will send you a FIFA Ticketing Office link along with an individual access code to allow you to apply for WC tickets. The application period will be open from December 8th to February 7th and is not first-come, first-served.

  • http://Website le fetard

    Forgot to also include a link to the lively discussion in case you’re in need of amusement:

  • http://Website Jay

    Can you apply for the same game using each system as long as you only apply for a total of 4 tickets?

    For example, can I apply for 2 tickets for USA vs. Portugal using the FIFA general allotment and then another 2 tickets through the USA PMA allotment. (I’m only applying for another 4 games through the FIFA system).

    Also, I created my account for the USA club today, do I still have the same chance for tickets. It said above that priority tickets are only available for people who signed up before Jan 14.

    • Andrew Delmenhorst

      Hi Jay,

      I think you are treading on dangerous ground. This is what US Soccer has to say about it.

      Are there limits to the number of 2014 World Cup tickets a U.S. Soccer fan can request?
      Yes. FIFA ticket sales regulations include certain limits per household for anyone requesting tickets. These limits also apply to all U.S. Soccer fans. A household may apply for tickets to up to seven (7) matches across the entire tournament, no more than four (4) tickets for any single match -you seem good up to this point-, and applicants are unable to apply for tickets to two (2) matches that take place on the same day -This is where it gets into the grey area-. These limits include all sales phases and applications combined.

      Those who submit requests for tickets beyond the household limits stated above (whether through a single request or by combining applications made during various sales phases) risk having all requests for tickets ultimately declined and/or revoked (including those previously confirmed).

      Please note that the online order page will not automatically conduct checks on limits when you submit your request. Instead, the request submitted is checked after the sales window has concluded in combination with all other requests received. Please take care to not exceed the stated combined household limits when submitting your request either through the U.S. Soccer Supporters Club Member access or any earlier or later ticket sales phases through FIFA.

      Regarding priority, here is how it works:

      How will the weighted lottery be conducted?
      The weighted lottery is designed to provide an advantage to members based on the length of their time as a member, while also giving all fans the opportunity to receive tickets. No members, regardless of tenure, are guaranteed tickets.

      Each match will be drawn independently. Applicants who have applied to multiple matches could be assigned tickets to none, some, or all of the matches.

      The draw will work as follows:

      All applicants will be divided into five (5) Applicant Groups where Supporters Club Membership tenure determines placement in the groups – Group A, Group B, and so on until Group E.
      The ticket supply is divided into five (5) Ticket Groups – Group 1, Group 2 and so on until Group 5.
      Draw 1 is conducted with Applicant Group A and Ticket Group 1.
      Any applicants not selected for tickets in Draw 1 are moved to Draw 2.
      Draw 2 is conducted with any applicants not selected in Draw 1, Applicant Group B, and Ticket Group 2.
      Any applicants not selected for tickets in Draw 2 are moved to Draw 3.
      Draw 3 is conducted with any applicants not selected in Draw 2, Applicant Group C, and Ticket Group 3.
      Any applicants not selected for tickets in Draw 3 are moved to Draw 4.
      Draw 4 is conducted with any applicants not selected in Draw 2, Applicant Group D, and Ticket Group 4.
      Any applicants not selected for tickets in Draw 4 are moved to Draw 5.
      Draw 5 is conducted with any applicants not selected in Draw 4, Applicant Group E, and Ticket Group 5.

      Ticket category requests will then be filled in order by match using Applicant Groups from Group A through Group E.

      Upon completion of the weighted lottery, The FIFA World Cup Ticketing Office will contact all applicants directly to confirm whether or not their request for tickets was successful.
      – See more at:


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