World Cup Memes: How Brazilians take the piss during the Cup

Ah, the World Cup. A time of fierce competition, where heroes are created and unknowns become household names. The World Cup is a time for people to come together to watch games and show their patriotism.

It’s also a great time to take the piss. And Brazilians seem to be quite good at it too. Below is a selection of Brazilian World Cup Memes currently circulating around whatsapp, forums and blogs.

1) Useless Fred World Cup Memes

Fred is a player on the Brazilian national team that gets dissed so often, I am starting to feel really bad for the guy. Generally, they think he is useless. It’s not that he plays bad, it’s just like he isn’t playing at all.

Fred Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Fred being carried off the field


Fred Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Good one, Thiago Silva


Fred Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: I’ll go directly to the club… didn’t even sweat.


2) Neymar getting hurt

Neymar’s back injury (broken vertebrae) is certainly a topic that everyone is talking about in Brazil. Can Brazil win without him? Shouldn’t the player that injured him from Colombia be suspended?

(Ok, so these memes are also about Fred, but now they incorporate something new: Neymar’s injury.)

Neymar Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Campaign – Fred, donate a vertebrae to Neymar


Neymar Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Brazil already had Hulk, also had the Invisible Man and now we will have Professor X (This Cup is already in our pocket).


3) Making fun of Dilma

Before the World Cup, there was constant chatter about Brazil “buying” their 6th championship. In the game against Mexico, Brazil failed to pull out a win. Thus, a thread of memes came out taking the piss out of the idea of failed corruption.

Dilma Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Holy (Mother), I forgot to pay off this referee.


In the Chile game, Brazil was unable to put one past the Chilean goal keeper during regulation. New memes started flying in at this point.

Dilma Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Deposit 100 more


4) Suarez takes a bite out of the competition

Suarez is a compulsive biter. His third offense has earned him a 9 game suspension and put his future soccer career in jeopardy. That’s the official news. But don’t you wonder where it all began?

Suarez Brazil World Cup Memes

I totally want this bottle opener.

Suarez Brazil World Cup Memes

5) Ronaldo head and shoulders above the rest

Ronaldo is known not only as one of the best soccer players in the world, but also as a bit of a pretty boy. Just before the World Cup started, he began his campaign as a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders, thus providing ample fuel for the meme fires.

Ronaldo Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: In the meanwhile during the World Cup –
Neymar 4 Goals, Messi 4 Goals, Suarez 1 Bite, Ronaldo Zero Dandruff

6) Loew’s finger picker

Germany is Brazil’s opponent in the semi-final game. Too bad for their head coach. Would it kill you to smile once in while Joachim? Not only that, I know you don’t have a lot of privacy, but try to pick your nose outside of the 90 minutes you are on TV during the week.

Lowe Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Just cleaning out the saloon here… because today there is a party!!!

7) Healthcare jokes

The World Cup has drawn the ire of some Brazilians for showcasing economic disparity.

Bueno Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: Galvao Bueno – It’s absurd that a player has to wait more than one minute for medical attention. Patient in hospital corridor – Seriously Galvao?

8) Free Days off work when Brazil plays!

The goalkeeper that 4 years ago was seen as a major reason for Brazil’s loss in the World Cup, has partially redeemed himself this time around by saving two out of four penalty kicks against Chile in the round of 16. The Internet has taken notice.

Brazil World Cup Memes

Translation: If it wasn’t for me you would have to work the entire Friday

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