7th Day: Los Arcos to Logrono

Yesterday, Albert, who in my mind I refer to as the most interesting pilgrim on the Camino, dangled the keys to Casa de la Abuela (Grandmas House in English) in front of me. Albert had a mischievous grin on his face. “Normally you have to be back by 10 pm, but I told him I vant to vatch the Barcelona Madrid classico. I told him to give me the keys. I vill be back afterwards.” he said in a thick Viennese accent as we both enjoyed the mysterious brown liquor he had ordered for us in the small bar. The Spanish fans roared as Messi scored the game winning goal for Barcelona on a penalty kick. Madrid is not a team that is well supported in this part of Spain.

This morning I woke up begrudgingly as the alarm of a fellow pilgrim sounded at 6:30 am. After a good breakfast of coffee, oranges, bread and water, Marcus, Leah and I headed out for the city of Logrono at 7:30. On discovering that we were going swiftly in the wrong direction, we promptly turned around and retraced our steps. With the sun providing ample warmth we continued at a brisk early morning pace to Sansol. In a few hours we would be cursing the weather.

At Viana, 20k from Los Arcos, we stopped for Lunch. The small Cafe sheltered us from the rain which was starting to come down in sheets. We hastily put on our rain gear, knowing that we still had another 10 kilometers to our final destination. The rain didn’t seem like it would let up anytime soon, however our spirits remained high with the prospect of a warm shower. Actually, I complained more than I would like to admit about my right ankle, which was slowly starting to swell from a pressure point on my boots. Arriving in Logrono, we found out from the information center that the Refugio was across the bridge and only 500 meters away. After arriving at the Municipal Refugio, a group of pilgrims gathered and we made our way to a small cafe for dinner.

Today was the 7th day of our Camino, making it the last day of the first week. Many pilgrims say that your body takes a week to adjust and then things start to get easier. I do feel like my back is stronger and besides my ankle, I feel like the last couple of days have been easier than the first ones. Since the most interesting pilgrim on the Camino had stopped in Viana for the evening, my night ends after this post. Tomorrow, the weather will be better and hopefully so will my ankle.







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