11th Day: Belorado to Ages

Yesterday the group of ten, all stayed overnight at the private albergue El Carminante because the Municipal Refugio is closed during the winter until April 1st. The private hostel exceeded expectations. We ate dinner for 10 euros that included a seafood Paella, saffron pan-fried fish, wine, water and tiramisu. We ate in a room adjacenct and across a small courtyard from the dormitory. The cook had made too much and we scarfed down the extra plate of paella to provide us with extra energy for the morning.

Early this morning, I realized that I had left the original inserts of my boots at the Municipal Refugio of Santo Domingo, two days earlier. As I crunched across the rocks, I began to notice that the rocks were really making my feet hurt. We crossed through two small villages and then took the Camino 12 km through the forest without a town to stop in for a break. We were headed to San Juan de Ortega, however word had made its way from Rosita, a Brazilian doctor, that the Refugio in San Juan didn’t have hot water. Instead we sojourned on an unexpected extra 4k to the town of Ages.

Upon arrival, Ivano from Italy, who made dinner two nights ago in Santo Domingo, decided that without inserts, a walk to Burgos would be too difficult. He sought out the owner of the Refugio to ask for assistance. His Spanish is perfect and in no time the owner had produced to white shower slippers for our use. Using a set of borrowed scissors, Uncle Ivano, as he told me I should call him, removed the top of the slippers and cut off extraneous fabric so the slippers wouldn’t poke or prod my foot in the wrong place. Since they were too small, he then found some extra cardboard and made toe extensions for both slipper inserts. Tomorrow, In Burgos, I will have the opportunity to buy manufactured inserts, so if they can hold up for one day, they will have done their job well.






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