Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

I grew up in the Midwest of the USA,

however I lived the last 6 years in Germany as an expat, where I was, until recently, employed at a large multinational company.

It’s not that my day job was horrible. I had a good salary and the colleagues were honest and respectful – something that I have been told is not always a given. Really, I had a pretty good life.

It’s just that I have always been a little bit of a dreamer. Like a lot of kids in the 80s, I was labeled ADD because my mind was always somewhere else, somewhere in a daydream where I was saving the world or battling pirates. Looking back, I was kind of like a child version of Walter Mitty. SecretWalterMitty8

I enjoyed the business side of working at a large company, especially strategy and negotiations, but I could never get super excited about organizing the procurement of capital projects for a chemical company. My mind was still dreaming of adventure.

So I decided to do something about it. I quit my job in January and started to travel, write, take photos, explore and try to put action into my dreams.

My travel style

  • I like travel that is centered around a journey

    like the Camino de Santiago or road tripping through South America. It’s where I get to put some of those dreams into action.

  • My girlfriend once told me she liked how I could be picking cow-dung out of my boots in the morning and then be enjoying a Lagavulin 16 year old scotch at night.
  • I am interested in the discovery side of travel. I like to learn about what makes a culture or place unique. If I can meet somebody from a country that I have never met anyone from before, it makes my day.
  • I love hostels because they allow me to connect with so many interesting people, but there comes a time where the toilet situation becomes too much for me to bear, and I want fresh sheets and a mint chocolate on my pillow.
  • I am not a nomad. I live in Brussels, Belgium with my girlfriend when I am not traveling.
  • I also enjoy a quick weekend trip filled with live music, good restaurants, sightseeing, and staying out and sleeping late.
  • I like travel experiences that scare me shitless. It gives you supreme confidence to stare over a ledge and know that you will be able to jump.
  • I am fanatical about the Fifa World Cup. I have been to five world cups and I have a goal to attend every one until I die.
  • I appreciate wine, a good meal, followed by a great scotch.
  • I also like to think I have a quirky side to me. One trip that I want to complete in 2015 is to ride a 50cc motor scooter from Moscow to the west coast of Spain.

My Dream

I know that not everyone wants to travel full time.

Hell, I don’t even do it. I spend only 4 or 5 months out of the year on the road. My main goal with this website is to help others see this beautiful, shiny world and to have experiences that will help shape their lives for the better, whenever and for as long as they wish.